Saturday, April 28, 2012

i should be an interior designer.

just kidding. decorating gives me unnecessary stress. it's rather obnoxious. but isn't my apartment adorable?  

 i made the little decorative pillows. i don't sew. it was hard.
also, i made the wall hanging business to the right. 

 my favorite item in the whole home. 
those lamps, $7.50 each. 

thank you thai pan trading and hobby lobby for supply items. 


  1. where did you get the pictures on your wall by your bed?? they are absolutely lovely

  2. oh, i made those. it's cork board covered in fabric. hung up with the wall tape that came with the cork board. so simple.

    1. if you don't mind i think i might steal that idea for my room next year. i love it:)

    2. I do not mind at all:) I'm flattered actually. Haha


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