Saturday, May 19, 2012

as of late.

i got new roommates. they are oh so lovely. i miss the old ones too.

i colored my hairs again. it's a golden color. my favorite of all hair experiments. it's hard to capture with pictures. my apologies

my brother is currently (approx)  7469 miles away. living in the desert. is it august yet?

sisters wedding is in full swing. i am so excited for nick or as i call him BILN, (brother in law nick) to join our crazy family. if you see a dress in the mustard yellow color please let me know.

the grey's anatomy season finale was rather upsetting.

speaking of finales- i hate this time of year television wise. it's my most favorite time of year. everything ends for the summer. i have to find a new show to occupy my time. suggestions please?

life as a receptionist is rather bland. mostly my wardrobe. it's the worst. but i love my job.

i wish the pool would open already. i need me some tanning time. i don't like being pale.

my half birthday is on monday. i am half way to 20. two decades. that is the most bizarre thing i have ever heard.

the most adorable boy came to my apartment the other day. he was a delight and fun to flirt with. i batted my eyelashes and showed him my dimples. works like a charm.

i said goodbye to my past today. onward and upward.

my best friend has a husband and a baby. i have neither. i can't wait to be aunty anne though.

i am perfectly content with the little life i have going for me. prayers are being answered and opportunities are coming.

it's practically summer and the sisters and i are trying to plan a trip to harry potter land. be jealous.

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