Saturday, May 19, 2012

the list.

i'm 19. don't judge. i have my list.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio 
i'm on a lets watch leo movies all the time kick. 
titanic. catch me if you can. inception. shutter island. 
so good. so good looking. 

2. Ed Westwick
pardon my french. oh hot damn.
i love him so.

3. John Mayer
i wish he would sing me to sleep every night. 

4. zac efron
just like every other girl in america. hey, he's nice on the eyes.

5. Penn  Badgley
he's so handsome. mostly i love him as lobster todd.
and wish he was my lobster. 


  1. ED ED ED ED ED!! I'm in love.

  2. i love this list. so very much, along with the new look of your blog!

  3. mmmm, love me some ed westwick and penn badgley. oh, and zac. yum.

  4. those are all men i fancy.


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