Wednesday, June 20, 2012

just a box.

i have this box. it currently resides in the cupboard under my bed in the back corner. my mind frequently returns to this box and now, i just don't know what to do with it. this box though is special, it is constantly reminding me of my past.

this box contains the part of my life in which clouds were extra fluffy and the grass was always greener. " this box contains two large three ring binders, filled cover to cover with letters, emails and drawings. inside the pockets are half written letters and photographs. next to the binders is a mustard yellow purse filled. it holds a prom corsage, the can of the very first rockstar i ever drank, a very important swiss watch, a turquoise ring hand made just for me, a missionary tag and more photographs of our times together. on top of it all, my favorite hoodie that once belonged to him. written across the top in bold black sharpie, "the ex-boyfriend box".

my question is what do i do with this? i'm at a loss. the letters and photos i can't seem to get rid of just yet. but the other items, particularly ones that used to belong to him i just don't know. i feel like i can't just throw it away but i feel like i can't keep it either. i'm at a loss.

so, help a girl out, what did you do with your ex-boyfriends belongings?


  1. Give it to someone to hide.

  2. i burned most of mine. ha. when a girl gets her heart broken, fire seems like a great way to dispose of the evidence. that way, you can't go back to get your heart broken all over again when you read the letters of how they USED to care. yeah... getting rid of it is my suggestion.

    fire, dumping it in the lake, FedExing it to a random address in the phonebook, whatever it takes.

    keep the hoodie though. those are the best :)

  3. I had that exact same box! The thing is, that is a part of your life and you don't want to get rid of all of it, but you also don't need to keep everything. I condensed mine to a big ziplock bag, keeping the letters and some of the priceless things that reminded me of good days. Then I put that in my box of memories that included like all of my school stuff and trophies and such. It is so hard to get rid of some of it, but remember it was in the past and now you have a whole future to look forward to. You will feel so much better! Good luck girl! :)

  4. i'm with you girl. i just can't get rid of the box yet but know i should.

  5. I burned mine. Including his sweatshirt. Have a big bonfire with your best friends, including chocolate and lots of s'mores. You'll cry a little, but that's what the friends and the chocolate are for. It helps the hurt go away a little :)

  6. I took great advice from Lorelai in Gilmore Girls... you have to keep the ex-box. Although it is still a tender subject and still hurts now- years from now when you are happily married you will want to look back on those years and say "I thought I was happy then....but NOW" :) Condense it down and then save the most important parts. Good luck!

  7. I was just about to say the Gilmore Girls thing. {best. show. ever.} Because there are things I've gotten rid of that belong to people who I pretty much want to punch in the face sometimes, but I regret getting rid of it.

  8. i agree with ali, you gotta keep the ex box. one day, it won't seem to hurt as much. you'll almost forget they are there, and when you pull it out and read them, you won't necessarily be hurt anymore. a simple smile might cross your lips, but eventually..there won't be any trace of tears.

    obviously every situation is different, and quite frankly it took me over a year and almost a half to finally be okay with it. but i guess we could just say that a very high percentage of girls find that it gets easier. so, i'm betting that you'll get there. maybe not soon, which sucks to hear, but it will happen one day.

    really - don't throw it away. keep it hidden under your bed, or maybe even put the ex-boyfriend box down in your parent's basement storage or something. i'd say maybe dispense of the hoodie, and possibly the rockstar can, but don't get rid of letters, emails, pictures, etc. those are treasures and you will have so many stories to tell your children one day...once you're with the right man, of course.

    keep smiling pretty girl!


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