Tuesday, June 12, 2012

so helpless.

the absolute worst feeling in the world..when your phone decides it hates you therefore it turns off for a good half hour- forty five minutes and then takes another half hour to update it's stupid system leaving a clean slate with no phone numbers of any human being i may be in contact with.

it's always fun when your best friend texts you and you have no idea who it is.

the only five phone numbers i have memorized- the home phone. the mothers cell phone. the fathers cell phone. the office phone. and a certain ex boyfriend whose number has been long gone but i still have it memorized which doesn't do me any good.

don't judge me when i say this, but i felt a little naked with no way of contacting anyone really. mother had to send me my siblings numbers- who i talk to on a regular basis.

i had to update my facebook status to one of those annoying i lost your number message me please. and i sent individual messages to a select few.

it was quite the afternoon recovering from said incident. i almost ran the bloody phone over with my car or threw it out of my second story window. the at&t people were no help either. isn't it there job to help when  people such as myself who don't know what the h is going on?

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  1. I'm so proud to have been one of the select few!!! :)


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