Thursday, July 19, 2012

because lets be honest.

i hate grocery shopping more than i hate change. i never know what to buy. how do i know what i am going to want to eat this time next week?

i miss my mommy far too much. she took me to dinner last night. how i've missed my spur of the moment dinner dates with mommy.

i suddenly and completely and rather unexpectedly find a certain gentlemen adorable. i often find my mind wondering to him. but that is all i can say on that matter for now.

wheat thins and cream cheese is most definitely my favorite "lets cure the munchies" snack.

netflix is the worst best thing that has ever happened. i start a series and suddenly three days later and no social life later i have finished said series.

t-minus 22 days until i move back home. i can't wait.

i'm (almost) ready for school to start. i'm starting to get bored after work.

this gloomy weather is putting a damper on my pools days. come on sun, lets stay shinning all day long.


  1. Thanks for listing me on your "lovely reads". I am glad I got to find your blog before I moved out, it has helped me function with leaving home! You are so sweet. I would like to feature you on my "blogs I love" page, so email me at if you are interested so I can send you the details! Have a great day!

  2. so i miss you blogging. i think you should do it again. i love reading your posts!


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