Sunday, July 8, 2012

i guess it's my turn.

the rules.

1. Write eleven facts about yourself
2. Answer the following questions the 'tagger' has set for you.
3. Provide 11 new questions.
4. Tag away, Link away & Inform away.

the facts.
1. i'm moving back home in august. 
2. i love otter pops 
3. a day off work is nice, but not when your sick. i'd rather be at the office. 
4. i wish i could meet the cast of friends. 
5. dr pepper is my guilty pleasure. 
6. i saw titanic in 3D a total of 3 times in the theater. that wasn't my goal. 
7. i want to visit greece and learn about my roots. 
8. cafe rio beats costa vida.
9. i love the airport.   
10. my favorite song is currently naive by the kooks. look it up. 
11. i quote movies more than i should. 

the questions.
1. Cats or Dogs
2. Name of your favorite Temple.
salt lake temple. 
3. Favorite Date you've ever been on and why.
refer to this. and as for why, well lets just say he was my best friend at the time.
4. The best store to buy clothes.
my sisters closet. it's free. 
5. Most important thing on your list of 100 things to do.
marry in the temple to the man of my dreams. 
6. Favorite childhood memory.
every summer at lake powell with my family on our boat. 
7. An actor you absolutely swoon over.
the top five can be found here
8. Toilet paper rolled over or under.
i could care less about that. 
9. Your favorite year in school & why.
sophomore year. student council and i fell in love. 
10. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why.
is it bad to say i wouldn't change anything? i like who i am. 
11. Favorite board game.
i'm not a fan of the board games. 

the questions for you.
1. first concert you ever went to? 
2. most played song on your itunes? 
3. last movie you saw in the theater?
4. if you could be thrown into any sitcom what would it be? 
5. first car you ever drove? 
6. latest purchase? 
7. brand of shampoo and conditioner? 
8. nail polish color of choice?
9. gold or silver jewelry? 
10. favorite fruit?
11. last vacation you went on? 

your turn. 

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