Friday, August 3, 2012

my apologies for being absent.

i really have no excuse as to why i haven't been around lately. i just haven't had "i'm going to blog about this" moments in the last little while. my life pretty much consists of the same routine for the time being. but i like my routine. it's a good one.

in recent news though. i've officially moved back home. tonight is my first night back and i'm already loving it. being home never felt so good in my entire life. i was gone a total of five months, and its not necessarily the most fun five months i have ever had, but it was definitely a learning process. while i was away i had to put my big girl panties and be independent. being a grown up is awful. i hate buying laundry detergent and dryer sheets as well as groceries and don't get me started on the topic of cooking as i rarely actually cooked for myself.

i also have new hairs...again. it's short and really dark. i will try and post a picture in the near future, but i will not make any guarantees.

i do have one question though, i need your help. what do you like reading about in my little life? i wanna know what interests you so that i can write more about that. drop me a comment of you're favorite topics and i shall see what i creative business i can come up with.


  1. I like when you write about YOU. You are an interesting person, and I like your facts about yourself that you share.

    p.s. I just posted your highlight on my blog, feel free to check it out.

    p.p.s. I love the first picture of you that you sent for the post, you have a gorgeous smile.

    Have a great day!
    Love, Lauren Elizabeth

    1. I saw that. And I am completely flattered you decided to feature me. You are so sweet and if you ever need any advice with the missionary please email me. I am happy to pass along my secrets.


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