Monday, September 3, 2012

in the making: part 1.

i have never been one to count calories or even managed what i ate. if i was hungry, i'd eat. and lets not forget my total lack of desire to exercise. i was fairly content with my body and shape. i accepted the fact that i had curves and wasn't going to ever be a size 2.

and then i got a job at an office, where i sat at a desk for nearly the whole day and my habits continued on. suddenly my favorite pants did not fit anymore. i hadn't worn jeans in what seemed like months and when i finally had the opportunity to wear them to work, well we all know how that feels. its awful. but i didn't think much of it, and i should have.

i saw a picture of me at a wedding in the recent times and realized that i wasn't content with my body anymore. whether or not the camera adds 10lbs, i didn't care. it had to change. i was embarrassed and humiliated. i decided i was going to do something about it.

so, here it is. fat girl no more. i've cut out my most favorite treat-dr. pepper and i've started exercising. shocker right? it got me too. zumba two days a week. running two days a week. and toning two days a week. my water intake has nearly tripled. all weekend i've been reading up on the safest and most efficient ways to loose weight. i have a goal weight in mind and a day i'd like to accomplish it by. it's not going to be easy by any means. but it's something that i have set my mind to and anyone who knows me knows i don't budge when i set my mind to something.

who would have thought right? not me that's for sure.

if i'm slightly grumpy these next few days, you will all know why. i already miss cookies.


  1. Isn't working in an office the worst for that?! That same exact thing happened to me this summer and now it's time to get serious! Good luck!!

  2. let us know what tips you find to work!

  3. i know how this feels, truly truly. it sucks at first to let go of all of your favorite things, but i promise you that its worth it!! i've had a drink of dr. pepper twice in the last 6 months, and haven't had costa or cafe rio once. *10 pats on the back* its hard at first, but you learn to completely resist. i went from eating costa at least once a never. and i drank dr. pepper every day before i told myself i had to quit. the first month is hard, but it gets easier! keep working at it, and do your best to never slack! the farther along i got, the more i slacked with my exercise. my doctor said that it truly is diet that makes the difference...but the exercise bumps up the results much more rapidly. but the exercise won't have as much effect if the diet isn't in line. so keep it up!

    i'm excited for you to start seeing progress! it's the best feeling ever! stay motivated, pretty girl! you can do it :)


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