Saturday, September 8, 2012

random tidbits of (useless) information.

i picked up my license plates from the dealership today. june still doesn't quite feel like mine. between you and me, i still miss my honda. who knew this would be such a transition. though, it helps that i do have june because she's great. my honda was just filled with memories that june doesn't have yet. i travel to and fro work everyday, that is about the extent of my travels thus far.

i am possibly the worst zumba-er there ever was. i'm glad i made a friend in my class though because we stand in the back and look like total fools. i've become addicted to water. i crave it constantly. i might as well be an amphibian at the rate i am going. don't tell anyone i said this because i will deny it, but i love the way i feel after i run. it's oddly satisfying. and you'd think passing your ex whilst running wouldn't be that great, but it turned out to be one of the best runs i have yet to have. diet food sucks hard core. i treated myself to some costa vida yesterday. i think i deserved it. 

my comments on fall semester 2012 go as followed. my astronomy class is by far the most confusing class i have had, ever. it's in the planetarium therefore the seats are comfortable and they recline, that and the fact the lights stay off the whole class is a recipe for annie to take a nap. my math class is normal. it's math. well, that is math 1010 round two because i decided it was a good idea to stop going to class in the spring resulting in a failing grade. my parents didn't like that much. i can only handle going to school two days a week. 

i'm ready for fall television to start back up. grey's anatomy, gossip girl, bones and whatever else i find entertaining this season. reruns are getting boring. i finished all ten seasons of friends for the third time since christmas. i cried. it's so sad every time it ends. i wish it wouldn't end. i fall more in love with ross everytime i watch it. i need to find me one of those. 

considering my dating life is really non existent at the present time i go on dates with my sister. we're probably the funniest people you will ever meet. people often give us weird looks. we watch scary movies and make cookies at 11:00pm. i suggest to everyone to find a sister like mine and if you're really lucky you'll find two sisters. it's even better when the oldest joins us. no one can tell us apart or put us in birth order. we're the same person in three separate bodies. my brother made it home from afghanistan. i've never been more relieved in my entire life. 

one o'clock church is not the best time. eleven is the perfect time. it just got taken away from me. i do enjoy the part where i get to sleep in, but i'd rather take eleven and nap afterwards. i've gone back to my home ward. the singles ward is just not for me. probably why i have no dating life. but i don't like that they shove marriage down your throat in every meeting. i'm content singing primary songs and teaching about tithing in it's simplest form. i have gained a new found testimony in church music. my current favorite, come thou fount.   now if only i could actually carry a tune.  

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