Friday, November 23, 2012

twenty years old.

i turned twenty years old on wednesday. i am no longer a teen but i've been a legal adult since i turned eighteen two years ago. it's quite the confusing time if you ask me. 

as always, i love my birthday more than a normal amount. i anticipated it for weeks and convinced my mother to give me my iPhone a week and a half early. (i am in love with my phone) i received numerous birthday texts, calls, facebook messages and cards, to all who wished me a happy day i say thank you. i was given a balloon from my most fabulous coworkers and had a date with my most favorite people-my mom and sister. it was quiet and low key, i wouldn't have had it any other way. the best friend and i are celebrating tomorrow with a trip to salt lake. it's nice that our birthdays are five days apart. 

nineteen was a hard hard year. i leaned on my faith more so than ever before and i learned more about myself than i think i have in a long time. i also grew more this year than ever before. i really had to take a step forward and leave my past behind me. i am looking forward to what the year twenty brings me. maybe it will be love or perhaps it will a step forward in my career and maybe it will be both. i don't know. and that is the beauty of a birthday. it's a chance to start over and start fresh. it's a chance to take everything that you learned a year younger and use it to become a better person each and every day. i'm grateful nineteen was a hard year because it made me who i am as a twenty year old. here's to a year older and the adventures it awaits. 

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  1. happy birthday girl!! Im glad you had an awesome one. i love the dress youre wearing!


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