Saturday, January 19, 2013

i'm not dead, i promise.

i don't even know where i have been the last month and a half. to be honest, my desires to write diminished rather quickly and unexpectedly. to say i've been extremely busy would be an understatement. between work, school, and my rapidly changing family i have not had a chance to breathe until recently. but enough's enough, here's the low down..

  i passed my astronomy class. it was a miracle. 

christmas eve dinner, best meal ever. 

christmas jammies. she was pissed they had sharks. 

i was definitely spoiled christmas morning. 

my best friend came home from his mission. best day ever. 

i dyed my hairs (RED) on thursday. i'm a ginger. picture coming soon. 

other non picture worthy events:
i've been fighting a cold for like a month now. 
my brother got married (we have pictures just not available)
i started a new semester, academic probation free i might add. thank goodness. 
i've been spending much time with the previous best friend mentioned above. 
my grandfather fell and broke his hip and lost his mind while doing it. he's (almost) back to normal though. 

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  1. Oh no. I am in astronomy. 7am, staring up at a dark's hell. Show your hair pronto!!! :)


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