here's the the low down. 

i have an obnoxiously irrational fear of fish. 
the volume of the radio in my car always has to be an even number. 
i won't write with a pen unless it has a lid or it's a clicky pen. 
i do my hair down every day because it's a security blanket of sorts. 
i am ultra superstitious. black cats are a no. 
i loathe change more than anything in the world. 
i'm the youngest of four. 
i've lived in utah my whole life and never grown custom to snow. 
dr pepper is best when it's from a fountain. 
i plan my outfits out in advance. 
i don't like shoes. 
i'd rather go to lake powell than italy. 
my mother is my best friend. 
i can't spell to save my life. 
i'm still searching for my prince charming. 
i've never broken a bone. 
i can watch football for hours, can't watch a second of basketball.
i've been in love once 
and had my heart broken once. 
i wish to study abroad. 
one day i'll teach kindergarten.
i think berry pie is gross-apple, pumpkin and banana cream are ok. 
if i call you an idiot it means i love you. 
if i call you pretty it means your'e an idiot. 
i listen better when i'm doodling. 
sleeping is a favorite past time. 
ice cream is better from the carton. 
one day i will pet an elephant. 
i suffer from high anxiety. 
titanic will forever be my favorite movie. 
if i could spend the day with any one person it would be leonardo decaprio.
i have a secret desire to receive flowers at work. 
i'm a hopeless romantic. 
my way of showing any extreme emotion is crying. 
i wasn't a fan of high school. 
college isn't that much better. 
i live for summer days at the pool. 

i'm just me. 
trying to figure this grown up thing out. 

stick around, could get interesting.